Location:Seneca Falls, NY

About Kibaca:

† Mood:†Alright †Thinking about him well not help,Talk to him just makes meh weak and my heart-Skip a beat,But yet he,There of meh in need of a hero † I'm stubborn hey you dont have to tell meh cuz i already know,I may be dumb at times but it who I'm and who i want to be i'm not,Going to change no matter what,I'm still going to be the 3 year old,Stubbron,Dummby girl i'm † † A New Poem †A dream I once had this dream goes beyond my normal comprehension yet i wake up at night sweating i cant protect everyone always no I cant becasue i am just human and i have my faults i am not always the best i can make mistakes so dont look at me differently. This dream is so weird its like im lsing everyone what am i suppose to do i just dont know so ccan someone lend me a hand to help me open my eyes what is rightand what is wrong i just do not know anymore i need help just lend me a hand what is their to do as i just watch the sunrise waitting for him.† † I love you so deeply,I love you so much,I love the sound of your voice and the way that we touch,I love your warm smile and your kind,thoughtful way,The joy that you bring to my life everyday,I love you today as i have from the start,and i'll love you forever with all my heart my friend's Dragonxred, garraand96,naruto0umak,,tearsxrunxdown,,orochimaraka,chrisn360,omgandomsli,reddemon, cuterthankyou,itakun,demonictende,demonking12,kiba0inuzuka ,naruto0616, Hey my real name is Juliet Danielle Aguilar † Kibaca means Pure-Hearted..And ohh yeah ~ohh i"m shy.....NOT Scared by belining in your can be come a new person-kibaca-†